The UK Brewers Cup 2011

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to attended the first ever UK Brewers Cup, held at Prufrock in Leather Lane. The competition drew a large crowd and it was an absolute pleasure to see industry people and coffee lovers alike, come together in support of such a novel event.

Currently Brewed Coffee has been elevated to a higher level, when in essence it is only one way of which to drink coffee, within which contain many differing methods and technics. Thus making this competition even more relevant to the current industry, as within the 6 Finalists, it is very clear that a brewing methods can vary from one person to the next. The focus of this event lay solely taste and finished product and not the method chosen, which in turn put the emphasises back on the coffee quality.
At this point and time is not commercially viable in a cafe environment. This does not mean that it doesn’t serve a purpose, as it does predominant our coffee habits.
The English coffee culture has a long standing tradition of filter coffee. Though espresso came here in the 50’s and made a ripple, it only has really made an impact within the last 15 years or so. Therefore in a very short space of time, the market has turned from a filter to an espresso drinking nation. Yet at home, we still remain to be a filter based nation and it is only fair that as the consumers interest and understanding increases, we to must push our understanding and ability to convey this to our customer base within that of a condescending tone.

That being said, this was without doubt achieved last Saturday. It was a pleasure to listen to each individual contestant, to see the Passion and Pride they expressed for their chosen coffee, method and for us more importantly the individuality and Personality which shone through. This personality is what will help push the further growth of the brewed coffee trend and acceptance of the masses, in turn making it a little more viable in a cafe environment.

Through competition we can achieve just that, pushing the boundaries, highlighting passion, pride and the individuals who love doing what they do on a daily basis, and inevitability making change happen for the better.

Top 3 Competitors:

  1. James Hoffmann
  2. Jochem Verheijen
  3. Sang ho Park

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